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I started Boudist in 2003, not knowing what it would become. I still don’t.

It’s primarily a place for me to share photos i’ve taken and links that i find interesting. It evolves as i do.

In 2003 i was a web designer with a passing interest in photography. In the intervening years that interest has grown into a full blown obsession and a full-time photography career.

My main job is Chief Photographer for Time Out Sydney. While i post photos i take for work, this site isn’t endorsed or affiliated with Time Out.

I’m available for freelance work.

I live in Annandale, Sydney, Australia.

I look like the guy in these photos.

My photography

I love taking pictures. I’ve been doing it since i was a kid but it’s not something i took seriously until i bought my first digital camera. That was just a simple Canon Ixus V, but i used it almost every day, snapping ordinary things in my life.

I love seeing live music so would take my camera along and shoot pictures from the crowd.

I upgraded to a Canon 350D in March 2005 on a trip to Austin for SXSW. I wangled myself a media pass and shot dozens of gigs. SPIN and Rolling Stone magazine found some of my SXSW photos online and asked to publish them.

I’ve since been published again in SPIN and Rolling Stone plus other press including NMEVanity FairThe Sydney Morning HeraldDazed and ConfusedNylon and dozens more. I used to work a lot for Drum Mediaand Mess and Noise.

Organisations i’ve been commissioned by include Sydney Festival, Foxtel, Vivid Sydney, EMI, Laneway Festival, General Pants, Sydney Opera House, MTV, University of Sydney and many more.

I used to syndicate my photos through Retna.

I’ve got a BA (Media and Communication) from UNSW but no formal training in photography besides a short course in lighting from ACP.

My photography gear

The most common question i get asked is “what camera do you use?” I don’t think it matters a great deal, but if you’re curious, this is what i use.

The Tech Specs

The blog is built with WordPress, with a theme from Graph Paper Press customised by me.

Hosting is by Dreamhost.

The defunct gallery is powered by PHP gallery.

Me elsewhere

You can also find me at:

Gallery shows, awards and conference speaking

Some press

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