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Talenthouse's Overview

Talenthouse provides life-changing opportunities for the creative community. It’s a place to participate in projects with leading artists and brands, gain recognition and virally grow your audience.

Talenthouse embraces artists at every level of their career, as well as all supporters of the arts. Attracted by the potential for discovering, collaborating with and mentoring emerging talent, many global brands and acclaimed industry icons are involved with Talenthouse by hosting Creative Invites. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with their audience in a targeted, relevant and credible context. Talenthouse currently focuses on film, fashion, music, art / design, and photography.

The Talenthouse team is located in Palo Alto, Los Angeles, New York and London.

About the Talenthouse logo

Talenthouse understands and recognizes the challenges that artists face when trying to reach their audiences and achieve recognition for their talents. For this reason, Talenthouse chose a logo taken from the West African “Adinkra” series of symbols, which depicts a snake climbing a raffia tree. The raffia tree has many thorns and is very challenging to climb. Simply translated, this symbol means “to perform the impossible.”


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Basic Information

Basic Information



Talenthouse's Map

Location Information

  • Location: 8810 Melrose Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90069 - Get Directions
  • Formatted Address: 8810 Melrose Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA
  • Street Address: Melrose Ave,West Hollywood
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: California
  • Country: United States