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  • Posted On: Sep 23, 2011
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  • Category: Artist Development
  • Description: Steven Scharf Entertainment (SSE) was formed in 1991 to manage and develop the careers of independent record producers and recording artists. At that time, Steven aligned himself in a joint partnership with Freddy and Caroline Bienstock of Carlin America, Inc. - one of the most prestigious independent music publishers in the world. Today, Steven Scharf is Sr. VP of Creative for the Film and Television division of Carlin America, and oversees the licensing of well established songwriters and artists such as AC/DC, Jim Steinman (Meat Loaf), The Lovin' Spoonful, The Turtles, James Brown, Bobby Darin and Billie Holiday. Over the years SSE has evolved to include the management of film & tv composers as well as the music licensing of many up and coming new artists for film and television. Following the trend of major television shows which now regularly license independent artists, Steven began representing a diverse range of artists who for the most part owned their own publishing and masters. This approach created an advantage with music supervisors who require music on short deadlines; removing the need to negotiate at length with publishing companies and record labels. The company continues to grow and change with the times, which leads to the recent launch of the SSE Web Access site. Now in addition to mailing CD's around the country, our clients can have instant access to our content 24-7. We also have the ability to create compilations of songs from both the SSE and Carlin America catalogs in the form of custom web pages. These pages can be tailored to a client's specific musical descriptions and delivered instantaneously. Whether it's classic hit songs or exciting new independent artists, we've made sure that whatever the project is, we have great music to offer.
  • Location: 126 E 38 St New York,NY 10016 212-779-7977